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Hello fellow RENTheads! I stumbled upon this site and it looks aweosme! Yay for everything RENT!

Name: Steph
Age: 15 (but I'm old for my age, I'm just born to be bad!...couldn't resist!)
What got you into RENT: Well I hadn't heard of Rent until I saw it in theatres with my mom and sister. After that I fell in love with it and saw it again 4 times that week! And finally last week I saw the tour cast live and I didnt know it was possible but my love for RENT grew 10 times bigger than before!
Favorite RENT character: Mimi and Roger! I love everybody else too =D
Reason you like RENT: I don't even know what it is about RENT. I love everything about it. The lessons it teaches us, the beautiful songs, the story, the characters, the actors. It's just amazing that something this wonderful was created! Thank you Jonathan Larson!

So since this community rocks I brought you all some icons and colour bars! No need to credit but I love comments!

And some colour bars...

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