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Name: I've been called Muffy since... I don't even remember. Butyah. xD Muffy'll due.
Age: 14
What got you into RENT: I'd have to say my aunt... she paid so my cousin and I could go see it. xD
Favorite RENT character: Angel! :D Teehee, AngelxCollins equals pure love. 83
Reason you like RENT: It's taught me a lot about life I guess. o: It's also helped me in school, I was always too shy to say anything but... No Day But Today, right? Of course I still don't say much, but that's besides the point. xD And it's been a great way for me to make more friends, one of my best friends now is someone I started to talk to because she loved RENT. I know there's more towards that and all, but I can't really think of it at the moment. xD
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