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[25 May 2006|08:51pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hello fellow RENTheads! I stumbled upon this site and it looks aweosme! Yay for everything RENT!

Name: Steph
Age: 15 (but I'm old for my age, I'm just born to be bad!...couldn't resist!)
What got you into RENT: Well I hadn't heard of Rent until I saw it in theatres with my mom and sister. After that I fell in love with it and saw it again 4 times that week! And finally last week I saw the tour cast live and I didnt know it was possible but my love for RENT grew 10 times bigger than before!
Favorite RENT character: Mimi and Roger! I love everybody else too =D
Reason you like RENT: I don't even know what it is about RENT. I love everything about it. The lessons it teaches us, the beautiful songs, the story, the characters, the actors. It's just amazing that something this wonderful was created! Thank you Jonathan Larson!

So since this community rocks I brought you all some icons and colour bars! No need to credit but I love comments!

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Icons. Nyay. xD [13 May 2006|10:11am]

Soyus... I made some icons and decided I should post them somewheres, where better than Rentownsyou? :3

Most of them have Angel. A couple of Mimi. :3 Yay.

I couldn't really find all of the ones I'd made though, so here are some.
Icons right through hereCollapse )
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[10 May 2006|06:48am]

[ mood | lethargic ]

Name: I've been called Muffy since... I don't even remember. Butyah. xD Muffy'll due.
Age: 14
What got you into RENT: I'd have to say my aunt... she paid so my cousin and I could go see it. xD
Favorite RENT character: Angel! :D Teehee, AngelxCollins equals pure love. 83
Reason you like RENT: It's taught me a lot about life I guess. o: It's also helped me in school, I was always too shy to say anything but... No Day But Today, right? Of course I still don't say much, but that's besides the point. xD And it's been a great way for me to make more friends, one of my best friends now is someone I started to talk to because she loved RENT. I know there's more towards that and all, but I can't really think of it at the moment. xD

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[09 May 2006|12:56am]

[ mood | creative ]

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Intro To Me [08 May 2006|09:31pm]

Name: Kourtney
Age: Sweet Sixteen
What got you into RENT: My grandma raised me right: to love musicals. XD
I never really heard of Rent until it came into theaters. I didn't get to see it until Feb. when it was released. As soon as I had seen it for the first time, I was in pure love with it. I am very excited to see it live this summer!
Favorite RENT character: I love all the characters so much. My favorite couple, though, would have to be Angel & Collins. =)
Reason you like RENT: The music. The story. The characters. The writer. The actors. The... everything. Everything is rent.

♥Lots of love from one RENThead to another,
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HELLO! [08 May 2006|06:06pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Hello everyone this is a community for complete RENT-heads welcome and enjoy yourselves!

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